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It is time to pedal a different way...

For those who see this who are not part of the Rivendell Owner's Bunch Google email group, just know it is essentially a virtual riding and mechanics group with a specific commonality of the niche Rivendell bicycle and it's approach to riding. It also used to include its approach to life, with an open sharing, as happens in riding groups, of opinions, beliefs, et al. That changed with the rise of cancel culture. This, then, is the lamentable farewell to that group, as a number of members enquired about my wellbeing.


Voting Clarity from the Vatican: To Catholic eyes, pro-choice candidates remove themselves from the ballot; vote your conscience from the remaining candidates.

Cardinal Mueller's interview.

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In which snows become rains garnished with crisp, misty mornings that warm to wide open, deep blue skies and the fluttering swoops of butterflies.


Author Profile of Anastasia Vincent

Oh! How this fallen world needs to hear the eternal truth and love of Jesus our Christ told in modern story, parables! The Holy Spirit is on the case, and we see the fruit emerging in a new spring of Catholic writers, including the joyful vibrancy of young Catholic writers.

This new generation of Catholic authors is steeped in our faith, infusing their writing invisibly and visibly with the fabric of Christ's love, calling readers to reflect through modern parable upon their own struggles. The invitation is clear: choose love of virtue and its abundant fruit over sin and its degrading promises of carnal delight. This is all the more refreshing as they explore how to be a Catholic author in an age of shifting technology and publishing landscapes.

Ms. Anastasia Vincent is such an author and her first work, “Adrastea: Annals of Orbis, Book 1,” offers us a glimpse of the greatness of God's breath as she offers her gift, a tender shoot emerging from spring snows and blossoming into flower. This is my email interview with her.


“If every flower wanted to be a rose, nature would lose her springtime beauty.”

Who better than Saint Therese the Little Flower of Lisieux and her “little way” from “The Story of a Soul” to accompany us through the meadows of the Highland Cathedral?


Olympus E-PL8

Climbing the gentle, wending way...

Going mobile phone free, and needing, er, wanting, a camera, and hoping to take a step up but with trailing edge tech to aid the budget, I went with the E-PL8, and so far I am delighted, and hopeful it can survive riding in my saddle bag.


No matter what ails us or what sins we've committed, humbly kneeling before Christ on the cross and asking for the grace to “love one another as I have loved you” is the way forward, the way to receive Christ's healing balm of peace, and the path to holiness.

Recent headlines show that, in this reactive environment after the horrific murder of George Floyd, the definition of terms like “racist,” “racism,” “white supremest,” and other true evils that ought to be applied very sparingly and only with clear evidence, have expanded so broadly as to risk losing all meaning: a grave disservice to those who strive for healing and upholding of human dignity no matter the circumstances. Expanding the definitions of racist and white supremest to include anyone who disagrees with the organization “Black Lives Matter” is a path to destruction and horror, not healing and seeking creative paths forward that co-create with God.

Injustice must be addressed and healed. Reactions to injustice that perpetrate new injustice lead us away from the Cure and only make things worse. If justice (right relationship between us and God, ourselves, others, and nature is the theological definition of justice) is what we seek, we head the wrong way by rioting, looting, burning, attacking, destroying, or accusing and convicting without due process.

In a world where social media allows for instant inflammation, we need the healing balm of Christ's peace more than ever.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

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Iris and snow make a rare and stunning combination.


It seems nearly overnight that the green pops out from under the last slushy snow as temperatures climb from 20 over night to 70 the next day at noon. Out pop the new aspen leaves:


Let's keep things in perspective: we are in the middle of the largest, most costly global science experiment ever, postulating that quarantining the whole population instead of the sick and vulnerable is the best way to control a virus. Results are still pending, and many parties have a vested interest in the results, so bias may occur. Please be patient ... we are all lab rats, er, guinea pigs, if you prefer, and feeling a wee bit punchy. Kindness is essential. May God startle you with joy!

#COVID-19 #perspective

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