Deacon Patrick

Playing in the Most Holy Trinity's Tidal Pool of Infinity, whither intersects eternal and carnal.

Saint Augustine:

“Lo, the wolf hath seized a sheep by the throat, the devil hath enticed a man into adultery. The sinner must be excommunicated. but if the is excommunicated, he will be an enemy, he will plot, he will do as much harm as he can. Wherefore thou art silent, thou dost not censure, thou hast seen the wolf coming and fled. Thy body has stood, thy mind has fled. For as joy is relaxation,


“You can be whatever you want to be” ... a lie told to encourage people to push and remove boundaries. At its best, it encourages people to push through barriers that inhibit their human dignity so they can breathe more fully their unique breath of God (which is what makes us weird, in the eyes of the world, as described in the previous post). However, our sinner hears this and runs rampant and decides we can reject who God made us to be and then desecrate and irreparably mutilate the gift of our bodies because we decide we identify as a gender or race or species other than what God made us to be. This is nuts, and the “woke” presumption of “what do you identify as” is a very divisive question, for it presumes facts not in evidence, such as we have the authority to decide our gender or race or species or some subset thereof we call “identity.”


To follow God with such obedience that we cast off our and society's sinful (for pride) imaginings of who we are and instead humble take up the mantle of being who God created us to be, we become, by standards of the world, weird. Yet, just to be clear, not all weirdos are saints. Grin.

May Christ startle you with joy!

Look with wild abandon to the Dawn from on High!

This blog is spread primarily by word of mouth ... please forward with abandon! I'm an award winning author. Here are my books. Oh — I'm not on social media so to “follow” me: Subscribe and receive new posts free in the mail!

Fur felt hats are rated by the amount of beaver fur they contain. The scale used to be from 1 to 10 x, so a 10x hat was 100% beaver. However, there is no standard, so unless you know the hat maker and their standard at the time a given hat was made, you have no idea if a 5x hat from fifty years ago has more beaver, and thus better weather repellency and longevity, than a modern 20x or 50x hat. There are 1000x and 5000x hats. I, on the other hand, now have a 1HPJ hat.


This is a major shepherding issue of our era:

Data and science and reason say: lockdowns moronic as they don't stop the spread of the virus, appear to make it worse somehow (NY vs Florida numbers), and make life unbearable for those who follow them so that they harm themselves and others in many and various other ways.

Doctors and politicians say: FEAR! FIRE! FOE! LOCK DOWN! VIRUS! VIRUS!


(I originally posted this to on my trial account, hoping to promote dialogue. We need platforms that promote dialogue).

Freedom of religion is one of the founding bedrock principles of these United States of America. It, and thus our nation, is under grave threat from the Woke religion who love to hate “hate.” This is true of the (anti)Equality Act, and it is true of's “Community Guidelines,” which I am intentionally testing with my initial posts. Why?


Let's strengthen it!

Reason, says Saint Gregory of Nyssa, is the “highest faculty of the soul.” Logic, being a tool of reason, is essential to building this aptitude of the soul.

The Liberty of Logic: Discover freedom & confidence through principles of sound thinking is a delightful study that is clear and cuts through the snooty academia to make logic what it has always been: a tool for everyone who wished to rise above the miasma of the morass.

This blog is spread primarily by word of mouth ... please forward with abandon! I'm an award winning author. Here are my books. Oh — I'm not on social media so to “follow” me: Subscribe and receive new posts free in the mail!

Blessed Word, Vivifier of all creatures, seen and unseen, that Your saints may delight in You and You in them for eternity, behold our broken world, our stained Church, our sinful hearts, so far fallen from Your desire. See the souls of men riddled


Science is the bold and humble discipline of exploring God's natural law for the betterment of humanity.

Science arose as a human endeavor in the middle ages, beneath the cultivating wings of Catholic faith and in the nest of Catholic monasteries and universities.

Why does science require obedience to faith to remain true?


This is about that time Saint Catherine of Siena “constrained” God, by consent of His most Righteous Will, of course (His response follows below). Was this her training for dragging the naughty schoolboy of a Pope out of exile in France back to Rome? What beauty and wonder, women in the Church! I imagine her finger wagging heavenward in her prayer, a la Job ...

Therefore, You, moved by that same fire of love with which You created him, willingly gave man


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