Holy Papa Joseph Hat, Rated 1HPJ, for Easter

Fur felt hats are rated by the amount of beaver fur they contain. The scale used to be from 1 to 10 x, so a 10x hat was 100% beaver. However, there is no standard, so unless you know the hat maker and their standard at the time a given hat was made, you have no idea if a 5x hat from fifty years ago has more beaver, and thus better weather repellency and longevity, than a modern 20x or 50x hat. There are 1000x and 5000x hats. I, on the other hand, now have a 1HPJ hat.

My family stretched and got me a full fur felt hat for my outdoor adventures. It is beautiful, and just the type of hat I've always wondered if it was superior to the plethora of previous hats I've tried over the years. It is. Vastly. More comfortable, doesn't flop, stays on, is warming when it needs to be and cooling when that is called for, at least tested so far from 15˚F and windy up to 65, sunny and calm while climbing a mountain trail for a few miles.

I love this hat! In the short few days I've hat it is already my favorite hat in my nearly fifty years, by a long shot. Then I made the mistake of putting it under the faucet to see how it will handle an extended rain or wet snow. It absorbed more than I'd like. I began to think maybe a full beaver hat was worth the ridiculous amount of money (4-8 times the cost of this hat), as mine has beaver but likely very little.

I researched. I fretted, in the guise of research and pondering. I was malcontent. Then, praying Matutinum first thing Easter after midnight, Saint Joseph told me I needn't get another hat, he would see this one protects me just fine. Beautiful! a 1HPJ hat is superior to any x rating a hat could have. I am not only content with this hat, I wouldn't want another.

Thank you, Saint Theresa of Avila, for recommending Holy Papa Joseph as someone to pray to often!

May Christ startle you with joy this Eastertide!

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