Deepen faith through fiction! Read more of award winning author Deacon Patrick's work. If you enjoy Catharine and Bernard, and Simon and Ida, in the short stories of faith on Shepherds and Halos, you'll love them in these “prequil” books.

Ecsodus Vision

Sin binds us through the generations. Everyday, we live with the results of the sin of Adam and Eve. The choices we make every day either grow pride or increase humility. Ida and Simon have just discovered they are pregnant and dreading what that will do for Ida’s life. The vision they experience in the night transforms them, and the world, and, if you dare, you.

Defend the Tabernacle

Winner, Best Novel Silver Medal, Catholic Press Awards, 2018!

A wild swashbuckling adventure of catechetical fiction and romantic courtship, “Defend the Tabernacle” defies genre. Unabashedly Catholic, this story will meet you on your own journey of the soul, wherever you are, and invite and challenge you forward in ways you didn’t know were possible. Dare you run forward in your own adventure?

Catharine is rock steady on course to become a nun. Bernard crashes through life with reckless abandon. Neither sees Saint Michael the Archangel coming, nor the collision their God-given mission and gifts puts before them. Being made in God’s image is never easy and is a lot to live up to.

Are you dating (or better yet, courting)? Have you ever dated or courted? Enjoy! This book is written to explore the amazing gifts of preparing for Sacramental Marriage as one’s path toward holiness.

“Defend the Tabernacle” also makes an excellent companion to teaching and learning Theology of the Body.

I am delighted to assure you all my books are true to the Roman Catholic faith and have been issued a Rescript by Bishop Michael J. Sheridan. “Rescript” is the term in use for the former term “Imprimatur.”


This book blew my mind for its innovation and creativity in viewing current feminist secular ideology and its fall-out effect on self, partner and Marriage. The Ecsodus Vision transports us from our current societal context to past severed links in an enhanced reality that to me is a sci-fi like experience. Heading to look up more information on the eternal law of physics and gravity. A touch of Dickens. A Christian touch a la Asimov.. (Patricia)

This book taught me so many things and reminded me of so many things that I can apply to my life. I love that I was able to laugh and cry my way through as I read. If I let it this book can change my life for the better. (Amazon Customer)

Defend the Tabernacle by Deacon Patrick Augustin Jones is a book to experience. It’s a blend of The Screwtape Letters, “Buffy the Vampire Killer” and perhaps Pilgrim’s Progress, only eons funnier. Catherine and Bernard suffer simultaneous near-death experiences which bring them together in Soulscape: an alternate universe where inhabitants fight their inner demons. Time contracts as people make choices on Earth that affect the state of their souls. Catherine and Bernard are quested with inspiring those souls who pray for help to choose virtue. They find themselves fighting emotions in the forms of demons, wraiths, and vampires to save their charges. Unable to hide each other’s true thoughts in Soulscape, love progresses hastily for the protagonists until their own devils rise against them. The ending is upbeat, so don’t despair. Jones’ writing style results in a refreshingly original, exuberant ride of a story. It NEVER slowed its pace. The story is replete with unique metaphors used to clarify various concepts of theology. Jones’ descriptive abilities are mind-bending, with similes that paint unforgettable pictures. I’d love to see Defend the Tabernacle made into a major special effects movie. (Elaine Lyons Bach, author of Gentle Journey)

Bernard and Catherine are like chalk and cheese. One Catholic. One not Christian. Both plunged into Soulscape and placed on a mission to help souls. It's a whirlwind experience and they both are tested to their limit. In the middle of their swash-buckling adventures the unlikely pair fall in love....but love is never smooth sailing....but with the guidance of Fr. Gerard and Joseph and Mary .....they have a chance to both find their vocation. Wonderful ! I highly recommend this book. (Tammy)

Defend the Tabernacle grabbed my attention from the beginning and held it throughout. It weaves a story of adventure and romance with commentary on spiritual warfare and sin. Both thought provoking and entertaining at the same time. (Tim)

Amazing! Deacon Patrick Jones couches accurate Catholic theology within the context of an action-packed romantic thriller. Read twice, at least. Read once for the thrills and spills; read again to absorb the deeper thought and moral content. (Joyce)

This story was fresh and faith filled. It made me laugh as well as tear up and to feel a renewed passion for Christ in my marriage. (Lisa)