Whither our Good Shepherds? The Hired Have Fled!

Saint Augustine:

“Lo, the wolf hath seized a sheep by the throat, the devil hath enticed a man into adultery. The sinner must be excommunicated. but if the is excommunicated, he will be an enemy, he will plot, he will do as much harm as he can. Wherefore thou art silent, thou dost not censure, thou hast seen the wolf coming and fled. Thy body has stood, thy mind has fled. For as joy is relaxation, sorrow contraction, desire a reading forward of the mind; so fear is the flight of the mind.”

Saint Augustine on the hired shepherds referred to by Jesus in Luke 10:11-13, as quoted in the Catena Aurea).

Oh! How we need manful shepherds! Pray for our shepherds, that they may answer the call Christ is giving them.

Let us look with wild abandon to the Dawn from on High. May Christ startle you with joy!

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