Prayer: Blessed Word, Vivifier of all creatures, Seen and Unseen

Blessed Word, Vivifier of all creatures, seen and unseen, that Your saints may delight in You and You in them for eternity, behold our broken world, our stained Church, our sinful hearts, so far fallen from Your desire. See the souls of men riddled through with blight, yearning to be their own gods. See myself wracked with decay. Grant not our yearning of pride! Instead, pour forth Your most healing balm of Love, Justice, Truth, and Mercy, that we, who desire, despite our ignorance, to love as You love, may be strengthened to lift our eyes and our souls, tearing away from our self yearning to gaze instead upon Your Sweet Face. Fortify us, that we may come to so fear, know, love, serve, and unite with You that we may surge forth upon the world in bold humility as Your Most Precious Body, to love one another as You have loved us.

Benedicámus Dómino Deo grátias. Fidélium ánimæ per misericórdiam Dei requiéscant in pace. Amen.

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