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Playing in the Most Holy Trinity's Tidal Pool of Infinity, whither intersects eternal and carnal.

Pray without ceasing, know what we know of Christ's full revelation, do what we know Christ calls us to do, trust Jesus our sweet Christ with wild abandon and all will be well for us as we look to the dawn of eternal day.

We go where we look. This is true whether we are hiking up a mountain, cycling down a curvy canyon, or canoeing cataracts ... and right now it rather feels like we are doing all three. If I get distracted by an eagle soaring above, I trip on the rocks and tumble off into the great abyss. If I gaze gobsmacked


Curious about the Year of Saint Joseph, or even who Saint Joseph is to other Catholics? Have a listen...


Blessed is the man whose hope is the name of the Lord, who has no regard for empty things, and follies that lie. (Psalm 39:5).

Our world is riddled by and moldering from “vanitates et insanias falsas,” “empty things, and follies that lie.” Let us not hope in anything less than the Lord, for all less than Jesus our sweet Christ is dust in the wind. But ... aren't we supposed to love ourselves?


The Golden Chain, or “Catena Aurea” in Latin, in a commentary on the Gospels compiled by Saint Thomas Aquinas. Reading it is like sitting in a pub with Saints and Church fathers as they jaw back and forth about the depth and breadth of their understanding of a given Gospel. Here is a taste:


This is a beautiful, real life example of the wonder and beauty of an open Church.

This is a parable series of an open Church changing lives, by yours truely.

May Christ startle you with joy!


The Constitution is supposed to protect us from the least moral among us assuming power over us — but only if good people in positions of limited power live up to their oath to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.” Too weak to withstand whatever temptations beset them, those who could have defended the Constitution did not and we are now where we are: a world (not just nation) in which a shadow cabal runs things regardless of the will of the people. The least moral people now have power precisely because they are happy to do anything to achieve it. Humanity has not progressed in the last five hundred years, but regressed. Significantly. Insurrection, that most people do not yet know happened.

What do good and faithful people of a democratic republic do when it becomes clear their vote has no meaning, for the preordained outcome will happen regardless of the genuine will of the people?


Voting Clarity from the Vatican: To Catholic eyes, pro-choice candidates remove themselves from the ballot; vote your conscience from the remaining candidates.

Cardinal Mueller's interview.

This blog is spread primarily by word of mouth ... please forward with abandon! I'm an award winning author. Here are my books. Oh — I'm not on social media so to “follow” me: Subscribe and receive new posts free in the mail!

Author Profile of Anastasia Vincent

Oh! How this fallen world needs to hear the eternal truth and love of Jesus our Christ told in modern story, parables! The Holy Spirit is on the case, and we see the fruit emerging in a new spring of Catholic writers, including the joyful vibrancy of young Catholic writers.

This new generation of Catholic authors is steeped in our faith, infusing their writing invisibly and visibly with the fabric of Christ's love, calling readers to reflect through modern parable upon their own struggles. The invitation is clear: choose love of virtue and its abundant fruit over sin and its degrading promises of carnal delight. This is all the more refreshing as they explore how to be a Catholic author in an age of shifting technology and publishing landscapes.

Ms. Anastasia Vincent is such an author and her first work, “Adrastea: Annals of Orbis, Book 1,” offers us a glimpse of the greatness of God's breath as she offers her gift, a tender shoot emerging from spring snows and blossoming into flower. This is my email interview with her.


“If every flower wanted to be a rose, nature would lose her springtime beauty.”

Who better than Saint Therese the Little Flower of Lisieux and her “little way” from “The Story of a Soul” to accompany us through the meadows of the Highland Cathedral?


No matter what ails us or what sins we've committed, humbly kneeling before Christ on the cross and asking for the grace to “love one another as I have loved you” is the way forward, the way to receive Christ's healing balm of peace, and the path to holiness.

Recent headlines show that, in this reactive environment after the horrific murder of George Floyd, the definition of terms like “racist,” “racism,” “white supremest,” and other true evils that ought to be applied very sparingly and only with clear evidence, have expanded so broadly as to risk losing all meaning: a grave disservice to those who strive for healing and upholding of human dignity no matter the circumstances. Expanding the definitions of racist and white supremest to include anyone who disagrees with the organization “Black Lives Matter” is a path to destruction and horror, not healing and seeking creative paths forward that co-create with God.

Injustice must be addressed and healed. Reactions to injustice that perpetrate new injustice lead us away from the Cure and only make things worse. If justice (right relationship between us and God, ourselves, others, and nature is the theological definition of justice) is what we seek, we head the wrong way by rioting, looting, burning, attacking, destroying, or accusing and convicting without due process.

In a world where social media allows for instant inflammation, we need the healing balm of Christ's peace more than ever.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

This blog is spread primarily by word of mouth ... please forward with abandon! I'm an award winning author. Here are my books. Oh — I'm not on social media so to “follow” me: Subscribe and receive new posts free in the mail!

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