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Every ad agency in the world knows if you want to sell, a woman’s sillouette ends all thoughts and demands the attention of whomever sees it. Why? Men are hardwired to notice a woman’s silhouette and doing so immediately triggers a number of arousal mechanisms in brain and body chemestry. Women are hardwired to compare themselves with the competition with various and immediate changes of they clay for them as well. If you want your (car, cigar, bar, jeans, soda, straws, cows, etc.) noticed clad it with a woman’s silhouette. But don’t just take my word for it, Saints and Science say the same thing.


Prayers for those murdered and their families and friends, that they may experience the healing balm of Christ, beyond all understanding. Evil entered their space of worship and slaughtered them, and there is no justification for such abhorance. Racism, prejudice, and the violence and sin they lead to are evil.

Snowshoe LCG (lowest common gear) to get up to CR21 from Green Mountain Falls, the morning after the blizzard.

What an amazing storm! It not only brought winds in the mountains of 60mph, temps in the teens, and twelve to fourteen inches of very wet snow, but it also was the collision between New Colorado and Old Colorado.


A newly discovered, very old, galaxy reveals new aspects of early creation, including the role that tumultious interactions with other galaxies may have in helping them form. Sounds a lot like strife in life. How we respond to strife helps us have definition and clarity of purpose. Do we respond with humble obedience to Jesus our Christ, or with rebelion that magnifies strife to others?

All of the UDGs that have been studied in detail so far were within galaxy clusters: dense regions of violent interaction where the galaxies’ characteristics at birth have been scrambled up by a difficult adolescence. — Lead author Ignacio Martín-Navarro, a postdoctoral scholar at UCO

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Or in a higher sense, it is easier for Christ to suffer for those who love Him, than for the lovers of this world to turn to Christ; for under the name of camel, He wished Himself to be understood, becaue He bore the burden of our weakness; and by the needle, He understands the prickings, that is, the pains of His Passion. By the eye of a needle, therefore, He means the straits of His Passion, by which He, as it were, deigned to mend the torn garments of our nature. — Saint Bede, Catena Aurea on Mark 10:17-27

This is what I love about reading the Catena Aurea along with the daily Gospel. Today’s reading, of course, is the rich lad wanting to know how to obtain eternal life. He has followed the letter of the Commandments, yet clearly is blinded by idolotry of wealth over truely recognizing Christ or what He is saying.

Then we read, in our family Halo, Saint Bede’s “higher sense.” All who prize any aspect of this flesh experience more than Christ have a harder time turning to Christ than Christ has suffering for those who love him. Oof.

Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, and lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy. Amen. (Fatima Prayer)

In which we explore the idiocy of riding a 2.1” fixed gear non-fat bike on snow.


Luke 5:1-11, Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Two points seem especially salient for our beleaguered Church and society plagued by false dichotomy that obfuscates genuine difference: first, we are sinners and our abundant catch, caught at Jesus' command and our obedience to it, weighs us down with carnal fish yet does not sink us, for the gates of hell shall not tear us asunder; second, we cannot and thus ought not evangelize the Word to unbelievers as we do to our faithful. Faith heals us and gives us eyes of innocence so we can receive more fully the full revelation of Jesus our Christ.


Among the #vanishingcommonarts is the art of writing. Not jotting notes in a journal ... real, thoughtful writing in flowing, elegant longhand. The kind of writing that, when read, promotes thought, because flow of thought occurred as it was being written. Sitting down after reading quality writing that led to quality thinking and needs to be written and takes hours if not days of hours to catch up.