Vanitates et Insanias Falsas, Empty Things and Follies that Lie

Blessed is the man whose hope is the name of the Lord, who has no regard for empty things, and follies that lie. (Psalm 39:5).

Our world is riddled by and moldering from “vanitates et insanias falsas,” “empty things, and follies that lie.” Let us not hope in anything less than the Lord, for all less than Jesus our sweet Christ is dust in the wind. But ... aren't we supposed to love ourselves?

The world says to love ourselves, feel good about ourselves. This, says, Saint Augustine, is “vanitates et insanias falsas.”

Whoever loves himself, not God, loves not himself ... he cannot love himself who loves himself to his own destruction (Saint Augustine, Catena Aurea on John 21:18-19).

How does a person of good faith who feels the massive forces at work in the world make sense of them and know how to respond? Prayer. Always, prayer.

More to come. May Christ startle you with joy!

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