To Remain True, Science Requires Faith

Science is the bold and humble discipline of exploring God's natural law for the betterment of humanity.

Science arose as a human endeavor in the middle ages, beneath the cultivating wings of Catholic faith and in the nest of Catholic monasteries and universities.

Why does science require obedience to faith to remain true? Because Faith is a higher truth, and truth can not contradict truth. Also, because science requires virtue, lest it fall into the temptations of sin's quagmire, and come to serve agenda and ideology rather than Truth. We are witnessing this as subjects of the worlds largest experiment at the hands of the global cabal, starting with unprecedented quarantining of everyone to control an uncontrollable virus (except that our God-given immune response is handling it just fine, as it has through the ages, though always at a price that reminds us we aren't actually in charge) ... a response justified by fraudulent science, formerly known as speculative modeling, formerly known as making stuff up.

Without bold humility to Christ in His Church, science loses its way, lacking fortitude to be disciplined in exploring God's natural law, and even forgetting that it is ... God's. We made nothing we study and learn ... we are striving to catch up with God, a noble and humbling occupation of human endeavor.

As related by Venerable Mary of Agrida in the 1600s, God explains the exploration of Truth to her and the differences of opinion that naturally arise during these explorations, as well as the earthly body responsible as the repository of this Truth.

... very often I permit and cause differences of opinions among the doctors and teachers. Thus some of them maintain what is true and other, according to their natural disposition, defend what is doubtful. Other still again are permitted to say even what is not true, though not in open contradiction to the veiled truths of faith, which all must hold. Some also teach, what is possible according to their supposition. By this varied light, truth is traced, and the mysteries of faith become more manifest. Doubt serves as a stimulus to the understanding for the investigation of truth.

They (controversies) are also permitted in order, to make it known, that real science dwells in my Church more than in the combined study of all the holy and perfect teachers, and that she can make them wise above the wisdom of the worldly wise; that there is above them One, who is the Prompter of the wise (Wis. 7,15), namely, Myself; who alone knows all and comprehends all; who weighs and measures, without ever being measured or comprehended (Wis. 9, 13); that men, although they may search my judgments and testimonies ever so much, cannot attain them, unless I give the intelligence and light (Job 32, 8), who am the beginning and the Author of all wisdom and science. I desire that men, in acknowledging all this, give Me praise, exaltation, confession, supremity and glory forever.

  • Venerable Mary of Agrida, “Mystical City of God,” V. 1, 77

It is also humbling to know that all that science can discover and aid in creating (because, again, we didn't create the material or the world or ourselves) pales infinitely compared with the mystical wonder of a single Ave Maria well prayed.

May Christ startle you with joy!

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