The “Scientists” and Power Mongers who Cried Wolf, er, Virus

This is a major shepherding issue of our era:

Data and science and reason say: lockdowns moronic as they don't stop the spread of the virus, appear to make it worse somehow (NY vs Florida numbers), and make life unbearable for those who follow them so that they harm themselves and others in many and various other ways.

Doctors and politicians say: FEAR! FIRE! FOE! LOCK DOWN! VIRUS! VIRUS! FOE! FEAR! FIRE! LOCK DOWN! (Reference this nut ignoring reality)

How long we gonna listen to them cry wolf before we start calling it crying wolf?

Silence no more! Too many were silent over a year ago when data, science, and reason already knew how stupid lock downs are. Silence no more.

Open up! Take reasonable sanitary precautions as with any flu season, including protecting the sick and vulnerable and continuing to live life. Stop the insanity.

Cogent thought and facts, science and reason here.

It is night. Let us look with eager and wild abandon to the Dawn from on High, Rex Aeterne Glorae!

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