Deacon Patrick


Teaching public school curricula at home directly as a parent or through distance learning online is vastly different from homeschooling.

Parents are scrambling to get a computer or tablet so their kids can school at home, with the packet (curricula) provided by their child's teacher. This is not homeschooling; this is schooling at home. It is important we name the difference because educators are already trying to claim parents aren't qualified to teach their children, and after the dust settles and if parents and students who had schooling at home forced upon them underperform or no-show, public educators will, in a massive show of inability to think critically and logically, will conflate that with “see, parents are not qualified to teach.”


Catholics believe that parents are the primary educators of their children. IT is also a basic human right for parents to educate their children. Whatever your faith, the shutting down of schools due to COVID19 is a reminder of our call, and there are plenty of gifts and challenges to rise up and answer it. Know and trust that God gives the grace needed to all parents, we just need to open our hearts, that we might run toward Jesus with open arms and receive the gifts of grace he has already given us!