Deacon Patrick


Descending on tires that slip on wet rocks and roots is not as fun as it sounds. Beautiful more than makes up for it though! (Yes, I'm in there. Bottom middle, slightly to the left. Wee lad. Grin.

In which I swap tires after discovering Maxxis Icon+ are slip and slides on wet rocks and roots, aspen bloom, Pascha flowers blossom during Paschatide, and I'm happier than a clam on a bike 9,000 feet above the salty sea on my new Schwalbe Nobby Nic 27.5 x 2.8” Addix Apex Speedgrip SnakeSkin (Whew!).


In which Beorn of Gus Boots Willsen handles gradients preferred by mountain goats and bears, both up and down; I meet nary a soul; and a bald guy ascends and sits atop Mount Baldy for a pipe and coffee.


In which I find a spine, put it in my pipe and smoke it, and shrink and grow and shrink and grow by three feet at a time.


See the photo essay and initial review.

#Rivendell #FixedGear #WithAbandon

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