Praying with the Rosary God Gave You

Ten fingers. One decade of the rosary. Most of us came equipped with a built-in rosary. And in this pandemic, more and more people are wondering how to pray. This is how you pray the rosary.

Why pray the rosary?

I have brain injury. Long story, but the short version is multiple concussions since I was twelve, with the final one in 2002. It took me years to again be able to pray the rosary, and when I first was again able to, I only prayed the “Our Father” and “Hail Marys” because all the other prayers confused me. If that is what you need to get started praying, just dive in and pray.

Meditating on the life of Jesus helps put everything in perspective, including in “unprecedented” times (aren't they all? Grin). Entering into the life of Holy Mama Mary as she receives and accepts the Annunciation from Saint Gabriel the Archangel in the first joyful mystery all the way through to the pain of Jesus our Christ on the cross and his crucifixion in the sorrowful mysteries, to the elation of His resurrection, ascension, and the crowning of Mary as Queen of Heaven ... it opens up the entirety of the Gospels to the soul, and the soul to the Gospels, in a way the brings the Word alive in the manger of our souls.

Pray the rosary and find Jesus in the manger of your soul.

Ten fingers, ten beads

Instant, ever present rosary. Of course you can ask a loved one to send you one if they have an extra, buy one, or even make your own (you have time now, right?). Cord and knotted beads or by kit (unless you have beads et al on hand).

Hail Mary...

May God startle you with joy!

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