Homeopathy to Help “Flatten the Curve”?

We are supposed to be throwing all we have at COVID-19, but are we? Homeopathy is an approach to health that works with the body to strengthen the immune system to fight off disease, among other things, and it does not interfere with modern (allopathic) medicine, so can be used simultaneously. Additionally, remedies are produced in the US and France, which lessens medical dependency on China. Here are a few posts that may be helpful, from Joette Calabrese., who is trained by the same Banerji Homeopathic research foundation as Saint Mother Theresa, who commonly used homeopathy in her care of the sick.

Is Homeopathy Real Medicine, with Science to Back it Up?

Yup. This post explores common questions.

Homeopathy and COVID-19?

Information on affordable remedies, to be used in conjunction with common sense and prudent modern medical care, which can do things homeopathy doesn't, just as homeopathy does things allopathic medicine can not.

May God startle you with joy!

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