Death Without Faith is Terrifying and Without Reason

The western world, the United States included, is about as secular, agnostic, and atheist as when Christianity was spreading across Europe. It has been over a millennia since society at large did not share a Judeo-Christian moral foundation, including a general belief that death was not the final word. Now? Now it is fairly common for people who self proclaim as rational to declare they know oblivion is the only rational reality after death, never mind they can't explain the reasoning behind such a conclusion other than not believing in “fairy tails.” Nor can they name a “first cause” prior to the Big Bang, to explain the existence of the mega-dense matter of all the universe that ... goes bang. But they declare two certainties as rational: there can be no God, and death is the end. How terrifying, death without faith!

For people without faith in God or an afterlife, which, it bears keeping in the for of our minds, are a higher percentage of society than we've had in over a thousand years, COVID-19 is terrifying. It is oblivion lurking in every breathed or sneezed or coughed water droplet.

It is said there are no atheists in fox holes. We are all in a fox hole. Society at large is now, globally, more keenly aware that this mortal coil ends in death, and that death may be anywhere and everywhere.

What difference, faith?

The person who knows, without question, the truth that this mortal coil is but the fallen world and death's veal is simply the beginning of eternity, the things of this world, including life in this world, are transitory. Life, with faith, is not a zero sum game of take what you can, protect what you have because there are no eternal consequences, no eternal hope, no hope at all, of any kind, because ... oblivion. Life with faith is free to love one another as Jesus has loved us. Kindness, generosity, no fear. Yes, there is a virus, yes, we want to live to continue to do what God put us on this good green earth to do, yes we love one another, oddly, by social distancing right now and pray that will end soon, but we are free. For, should I die, whatever the cause, I know this is not the end, but merely the beginning. Faith puts the virus in its place, as it did the plaque, and all other strife in this fallen world for over two-thousand years.

If you are in the fox hole and wondering about this whole faith thing, ask. Seek. Knock. It will be given to you.

May God startle you with joy!

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