Christ is The Light and the Way out of Darkness

No matter what ails us or what sins we've committed, humbly kneeling before Christ on the cross and asking for the grace to “love one another as I have loved you” is the way forward, the way to receive Christ's healing balm of peace, and the path to holiness.

Recent headlines show that, in this reactive environment after the horrific murder of George Floyd, the definition of terms like “racist,” “racism,” “white supremest,” and other true evils that ought to be applied very sparingly and only with clear evidence, have expanded so broadly as to risk losing all meaning: a grave disservice to those who strive for healing and upholding of human dignity no matter the circumstances. Expanding the definitions of racist and white supremest to include anyone who disagrees with the organization “Black Lives Matter” is a path to destruction and horror, not healing and seeking creative paths forward that co-create with God.

Injustice must be addressed and healed. Reactions to injustice that perpetrate new injustice lead us away from the Cure and only make things worse. If justice (right relationship between us and God, ourselves, others, and nature is the theological definition of justice) is what we seek, we head the wrong way by rioting, looting, burning, attacking, destroying, or accusing and convicting without due process.

In a world where social media allows for instant inflammation, we need the healing balm of Christ's peace more than ever.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

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