Visiting God’s Roof Whilst Ours Gets Replaced

In which I find a spine, put it in my pipe and smoke it, and shrink and grow and shrink and grow by three feet at a time.

Ahhh! What a blessing to get out on roof replacement days! I’ve lost a few days to recovery just because someone was on our roof before I knew it. Replacing the whole thing? I needed to achieve escape velocity and make it out of town. But, this being April in Colorado, expect snow. Grin.

Pikes Peak from Edlowe Road. It’s not a ride unless you show some spine.

The Swedish fishing hut on the way to the trailhead.

Grinin’ fool!

Some days you’re taller than your bike ...

... some days you’re not.

The Golden Ratio: an amazing example of God’s beautiful underlying order everywhere.

Makin’ camp.

Blowin’ smoke.


After a night down to 25˚F, morning brought clear and sunny skys and temps in the 50’s. All those deep snow packs I rode over without issue on the way in the day before (until the one I did have issue with above)? Unridable deep, uphill slush back to the paved country road home. With a new roof. Grin.

Och! We just discovered I can’t enter our bedroom for the smell of the chalking at the new roof over the window seat. The things they don’t tell you about the fine print of brain injury. Sardonic grin. I wonder how long that stuff takes to outgas enough I can be in my own bedroom again? Shrug.

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