Reaching a Crossroads with an Online Bicycle Group

It is time to pedal a different way...

For those who see this who are not part of the Rivendell Owner's Bunch Google email group, just know it is essentially a virtual riding and mechanics group with a specific commonality of the niche Rivendell bicycle and it's approach to riding. It also used to include its approach to life, with an open sharing, as happens in riding groups, of opinions, beliefs, et al. That changed with the rise of cancel culture. This, then, is the lamentable farewell to that group, as a number of members enquired about my wellbeing.

If you are from the Bunch, well done finding your way here. I posted the farewell below, but am under censor from however many months back, so do not know if it will be deleted or posted. So I post it here for those who find it, somehow. I am humbled by your persistence. Grin.

Oh, and if you are despairing in a dark and lonely world, isolated, fear not and seek hope, real, genuine hope, born among us ... the treasure map is found in my signature line below...

Hello all!

Patrick of the Moore prompted me to take a look at the thread below (sadly now deleted, as proof of concept I suppose) enquiring as to my riding carcass's whereabouts and welfare. I am humbled and joyous and grateful for your concern.

I continue to ride with wild abandon (is there any other way?).

Why going silent? Not because, as suggested, of Grant's race response. In that we disagree, but not in any new way ... I've long known that knowing people to be immortal instead of mortal leads to completely different understandings of the meaning of life, who we are, God, the world, injustice, justice, root causes and root solutions, et al. I buy from Grant and Co. because they make great bicycles and kit, not because they do or do not understand we are immortal. Grin.

Why, then, silence? First, fixed gear in 4-6” of fresh powder at 10˚F before the sun crawls his lazy course part way up the sky before calling it a day and sliding down again is the very definition of silence. Grin.

Poetic prose aside, WHY THEN, SILENCE? Grin. Because I am incapable of stripping enough of myself to post to this group without censor or warning, as evidenced by this post ... so it was time to quietly recede. Please accept my apologies for my failure. I have cherished all our interactions here, however contentiously graced they may have been. Grin.

Any who wish to communicate with me, on anything, however contentious and hopefully graced, I am happy to do so by email. My website is, and it has my email address in the about section.

Fear not! See through the fog to understand the true terrain, navigate it well, and always, always ride with wild abandon! Grin.

With abandon in an empty manger awaiting salvific fodder, Patrick

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