New Camera Day

Olympus E-PL8

Climbing the gentle, wending way...

Going mobile phone free, and needing, er, wanting, a camera, and hoping to take a step up but with trailing edge tech to aid the budget, I went with the E-PL8, and so far I am delighted, and hopeful it can survive riding in my saddle bag.

Iris fore and aft with amazing bokeh.

Climbing out of the knotted root pine shade glen into the aspen ringed meadow

Self serve coffee and pipe bar.

Contemplation: focus on the wee brings clarity to the macro.

Writing nook

Fireworks of the alpine meadow.

Divergent beauty.

Aspen accoutrement.

Hear! Hear! The pipes are calling ... down through the glen.

Homeward ho!

Gus Boots Wilsen, christened Beorn


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