June Snow: Callooh! Callay!

Iris and snow make a rare and stunning combination.

Snow makes everything pop, especially the baby green aspen leaves silly enough to come out so early.

So many of my adventures and the shots I take of them remind me of Bilbo's and Frodo's various “The road goes ever on, out from the door where it began” poems.

This is why I carry boiled wool. It rained all night at our home and we woke to falling snow, our home being right at the freeze line. Climb up 1,500 feet and the branches are laden with 3” of wondrous wet that drapes any foolish enough to ride through. I love being one of those fools. Grin.

Beorn headbadge with new shroud.

Pipe and coffee at the top (well, and then down a bit, then up a bit less).

May God startle you with joy!


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