End of Spring Rides

In which snows become rains garnished with crisp, misty mornings that warm to wide open, deep blue skies and the fluttering swoops of butterflies.

Wee logger for harvesting trees from the Waldo Cañon Fire area.

My goal was to make the mud chains as artful as flower shots. I failed, and suspect the subject matter.

“Awwww, but Maaaaaaauuuum! I only like the upper legs. These are naught but fur, skin, bone and that stringy stuff. Can't I leave these for the flies?”

Upper legs and the lot, still on the hoof, under velvet.

Dappled pine loam blanketing the forest floor.

These wee beauties are startling, and require entering a world where they are tall to fully appreciate.

Sun burst.

Wee bit troubadours.

The wee world is a hairy, bedewed world beneath a macro lens.

Daisy (?), and company in bokeh.

Final, happy resting spot.

Potentilla. cf: hairy and bedewed.

Petals like butterfly wings.

cf: hairy and bedewed.

Beorn in silhouette.

When the smell of campfire is unwelcome.

In the smoky haze, the golden hour is all day.

Wee ranch on CR21, shrouded in the smoke from the East Canyon Fire near Durango, CO., 200 miles away as the smoke drifts.

Pollen count by the official nubby knobby sampling method.

Riding over logs at golden hour at noon.

Wild geraniums. Couldn't keep me away. cf: hairy and bedewed.

Aspen meadow.


Rose and bud.

Prepubescent raspberry tarts. cf: hairy and bedewed.

Beorn, aka Gus Boots Willsen: making rough trails smooth ever since 2019.

One of many benefits of a long wheelbase in a mountain bike.

I learn new things daily. Today, I learned columbine buds inspired the alien head in “Alien.” cf: hairy and bedewed.

Columbine, Colorado's state flower.

A cooler day at the pipe and coffee bar. cf: hairy and bedewed (you had to see that coming!).

Gliding toward home on the long, smooth, wending trail.


Columbine with aspen, pine, sky bokeh.

May God startle you with joy!


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